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Our mission is to empower trading organizations within Risk Management & Trading.

improve your risk management with iRISK Software


iRISK Manager

Software that automates the management of different types of commodities, instruments and currencies - enabling traders and risk managers to focus on evaluating and analysing portfolio exposure and strategies.

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iRISK Analyser

Tailored software that takes the number-crunching out of the market analysis; this innovative tool takes on the huge task of collecting, analyzing and presenting curve data-freeing your organisation to focus on growing the business.



iRISK Trader

Our trading platform is designed to give you access to all your exchanges as well as OTC market from a single screen. It's technology gives you access anywhere and on any device so you can manage your trading efficiently.

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Exclusively Designed For Commodity and FX Investments

Trade and Monitor Your Positions Anywhere


Build customer relationship through conversation

iRISK Messenger

Where Communication Happens!


Easy messaging for private one-to-one chat and group blast. Perform free calls to other contacts and set-up conference calls. Share documents with colleges and business partners.  For iRISK Software users, it provide easy and quick access to business partners as well as iRISK Support.


The Messenger platform is designed to create topic-based discussion channels with a group of people. Togheter with the Thread solution, it's very powerful for structured teamworking and collaboration. It provide group calls as well as multi screen and application sharing during the conference.

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iRISK Bots solution connect news and information providers with clients. With the incorporated Chat and Thread solution, discussions will be kept private and aside from main topic. The solution provide a new level for a more frequent interaction and communication between businesses.

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