Corporate Risk Management

Risk management is emerging as the new business driver for our times. In today’s world, all decision makers within an organisation need to be familiar with its concepts, techniques, tools and derivatives. A consistent, flexible and accessible risk management process needs to be in place at every level.

iRISK Analyser
iRISK Analyser makes data analysis and forecasting easier and more controllable than any other tool. That's because it has been designed to deliver extensive functionality in a convenient, easy-to-use format tailored to your company's needs.
iRISK Office App
iRISK Office App gives you Access to all Markets, Risk Reports and Curve Data from Excel. With the powerful Microsoft Office App functionality, all information are live streamed into Excel. You can easely tailor your own report pages and Access them from all types of devices.
iRISK Manager
Most companies are exposed in more than one area of financial risk. Whatever the risk and however you measure it, you need regular reports to ensure your risk management strategy is still the most appropriate one. iRISK Manager enables you to keep track of multiple commodities and derivatives with one tool, in one central location.
iRISK Trader
Our trading platform is designed to give you access to all your exchanges as well as OTC market from a single screen. It's technology gives you Access anywhere and on any device and its built on Googles high speed language. With its user friendly front-end, you can tailor your own views and trade with several market places, counterparts and product tickers in one order entry. Our goal is to enable you to manage your trading accurately and efficiently.
iRISK Messenger
iRISK Messenger is the hub for Chat, Group & Channel communication and News & Bot information charing and discussions. The messenger connect businesses for easy cooperation and discussions via chat, threads and conference calls.
iRISK Emir
One of the key directives under The European Market Infrastructure Regulation, EMIR, is the obligation to report all derivatives contracts to a Trade Repository. The iRISK EMIR Trade Reporting Service is suitable for customers that can delegate the reporting of their, or their clients’, trades. The EMIR Trade Reporting Service is fully compliant with the reporting obligations under EMIR Article 9.
iRISK Consulting
We deliver total solutions that embrace the complex realities of your organisation. iRISK designs and implements custom-made solutions that cover every aspect of the risk management process. In the consultancy phase of our service we become part of your organisation; immersing ourselves in your business, and consulting with employees at all levels to identify, quantify and manage your exposure to all types of market and business-specific risks.